Le bélier et l’ange

A short film depicting the rise of a cult born from the shadows of the BDSM movement. A mix of real world historical events and alternate history created in order to explain a the literal evolution of an artists artistic…

Le bélier et l'ange



A short film depicting the rise of a cult born from the shadows of the BDSM movement. A mix of real world historical events and alternate history created in order to explain a the literal evolution of an artists artistic direction.

Watch with headphones.


It begins in modern times – like a detective story. An interrogation room with used up cigarettes and food scraps (to signify that time has passed) – and a group of scientists watching from outside (the scientists represent the audience – metaphorical manifestation of the real life fans, observing, analysing every social post, every costume, every beat of every song). The golden ram skull is a metaphor for the artist’s artistic style.Transforming from gold to leather is the literal transformation into this potentially new artistic style, but in terms of the story, we’re going back in time to understand the reasoning behind this transformation and how we got here (not really, but we can create a fake story to make things more interesting and give his art style new depth not yet explored). Think of this in terms of a movie where the narrator is telling the story from the future, and then we go back in time to learn how we first go there.

The first sequence goes back to medieval times where BDSM is thought to have first started (this is historically accurate). Bondage is often linked to the Baroque area where a lot of great artists painted such scenes depicting BDSM, but also where it was initially first thought to be conceived with devices like the pillory and rape of prisoners in these torture devices.

The second scene is the royals – the rich and powerful kings and queens and aristocrats who ran the countries – who were into such practices and used the poor and prisoners to their advantage, as sexual slaves.

The third scene – is the alternate history, a cult / religion originated from depictions of angels and BDSM but we are now in modern times (as can be seen from the modern aircraft hangar). A off branch of Satanity who worship a fallen angel (Like Lucifer) who have the hallmarks of BDSM in their culture. The angel is chained to prevent his release among the world – like how some evil deity’s are confined to a structure or object but still worshipped.

The fourth scene is the initiation ritual – sacrifice. The same deity angel in the painting has no chains now – signifying the passage of time – his spirit has been released (literally and metaphorically) and requires a new host and followers to help facilitate that idea. The skull on top of the cage is the Ram Skull seen in the first scene, however, it is neither gold or leather, its raw bone signalling the early stages of the transformation.
The two followers on either side of the room (who can be seen worshiping the angel on the floor in the first angel scene) are observing a potential new candidate to join the cult. A ritual sacrifice – a naked prisoner in the cage. The house where this scene is depicted is also run down with ripped wall paper, boxes, old clothes, tiled bricks on the floor – to signify that a war had broken out at one point in the recent history, and the cult had been dismantled and the few remaining followers must regain their power again, recruiting followers from run down places – targeting & manipulating the poor – like what happens in real cults, how the weak and vulnerable are preyed on and manipulated into joining them.
On the floor you can see the cult symbol much like witchcraft, also with the black candles in front of the artwork – just subtle aesthetic hints of detail – there are little easter eggs throughout most scenes that add more in-depth detail and world building. Things like how a cat is present in a lot of the scenes – hidden in some, as cats were seen as symbols of men and womens sexual lust in renaissance paintings – another key element relating to BDSM.

The fifth scene is transcendence, the angel statue is now covered in gold – like how many deities statues are covered in gold for respect but also shows how cults and religions have money and power. They are back on top, perhaps have won the war and are a primary force – the chains are also gone, meaning the deity is ready to be is unleashed amongst the world. The figure in the middle covered in gold clothe is the new host body for the demon entity – the emergence of this new demon god is the creation of the new mask and art style for the artist.

The sixth scene is the aftermath of letting the demon deity out amongst the world. War has broken out and the cult reigns in power. A new world order has begun.

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